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Photograph by Lawrence Sample

Sine Nomine choral ensemble January, 2016 Daniel P. Ryan, director

Sine Nomine choral ensemble
Reinventing early music.
Daniel P. Ryan, Artistic Director

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Jim Bean
Cheryl Brodsky
Tom Cardea
Deb Caster*

Jen Charleson
Pat Cristofaro
Heidi Dion
Roger Gauthier*
Glenn Giutarri

Myles Glatter*
David House*

June House
Thomas Jansen*
Jeff Kaufman
Rebecca Ladd
Steven McCloy
David Moniz
Tony Palms

Nicole Ponte
Claire Rosenbaum
Mel Shelly
Dale Stetson*

Vi Taylor*
Tara Thomas
Eva Toma
Marge Waite*
Philip Wheelock

* Board of Directors