Sine Nomine choral ensemble, Joseph Fort, Director
photograph by David Arruda, 2013

If you wish to be informed when we schedule our next auditions, please send an email, including your voice part and a brief summary of your choral/vocal experience to:

Sine Nomine choral ensemble
Joseph Fort, director

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Jim Bean
Cheryl Brodsky
Al Caldwell
Deb Caster*
Jen Charleson*
Pat Cristofaro
Heidi Dion
Victoria Duclos

Roger Gauthier*
Myles Glatter*
David House
June House
Thomas Jansen*

Rebecca Ladd
Steven McCloy

Meryl Moore
Mark Nickel
Claire Rosenbaum
Dale Stetson*
Vi Taylor*
Tara Thomas
Eva Toma
Marge Waite*

* Board of Directors